Polar White Aluminium Venetian Blind
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Height: 90cm
Width: 60cm
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Venetian Blind installation Guide
Hold up the blind in position in the window and tilt the head rail towards you so that you can see where the position of cord mechanisms in the body of the rail. Choose a position for the brackets making sure that they are no less than 5cm away from any of the mechanisms. Mark the positions of the brackets in the window area using a pencil.
It is important to make sure that the blind sits clear of any handles or vents which may be protruding from the window so that it hangs correctly after it is installed.

Face Fix
This method is used when the blind is being attached to a flat surface behind the blind such as window frame or wall. Use two screws when using this method.

Top Fix
This method is used when fitting to a surface above the blind such as a ceiling or window reveal/recess. Use one screw in the centre for fixing with this method
To fit the blind to the bracket, open the small lever on each bracket than locate the front lip of the rail onto the hooks which protrude from the brackets. Once the rail is in place close the lever arms which will lock the rail onto the brackets. If you need to remove blind, first open the lever arms and then unhook the rail from the bracket hooks.
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Safety Cleat
The safety cleat should be installed as closely as possible to the blind headrail. In all cases, the cleat should be located not less than 1500mm from the floor. The cord should be fully wound around the safety cleat or cleats when not in use. The table below provides the recommended distance between the cleats for various drops of blind. These measurements will ensure that there is enough room on the cleat to wind the full length of cord when the blind is fully raised.
1-1000MM 100MM
1001-2000MM 150MM
2001-3000MM 300MM
Cord Cleats
Place the cleat in position on the wall and mark the holes with a pencil.
Drill the holes and fix the cleat using the wall fixings and screws provided.
The blind cords should be wrapped in a figure of eight around the cleat. The cord should be wrapped fully onto the cleat making sure that no excess cord is left dangling. Cord should be wrapped neatly so that it does not slip through the cleat if it is accidentally pulled.
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