Recess or Exact Fittings
Choose below which of the fittings you would prefer and read the information:
Recess Fitting
If you are fitting your roller blind inside the window recess you should use this method.
Measure the exact dimensions inside the recess as shown using a metal tape measure. It's best if you get someone to help you with this. Ask the other person to hold the tape measure inside the face of the recess so that you can read the measurement on the other end of the tape.

We need the exact measurements so please don't deduct anything from the measurements.

When we make your blind, we will deduct 3mm from the width to ensure that your blind will fits perfectly in your window recess.
Exact Fitting
Use this method if you are fitting your blind outside the window recess.
For best fit, we recommend that your blind should overlap the top of the recess by about 70mm and 50mm over each side to the left and right of the window opening.
Bracket to bracket - Choose this option if you are replacing an existing blind which you have measured from bracket to bracket or if you have measured to the points where your brackets need to fit. The finished fabric with of the blind will be around 35mm narrower than the bracket to bracket measurement.

Fabric width - If you have measured the area which you want the fabric to cover, choose Fabric width as your measuring method. Also choose this method if you have measured the width of fabric on an existing blind. When choosing this method, please remember that the finished blind including brackets will be around 35mm wider than the fabric width.